Cusco, Peru

We were surrounded by mountains. It was as if the wing of the plane would graze the them, but we landed safely and tried to hail a cab.

I hailed one taxi, and upon telling him where I wanted to go he said, “No, no puedo ir arriba!” At this, I was confused. What do you mean you can’t go up? 

I quickly learned. It was Inti Raymi, also known as the sun festival, and the streets were flooded with people and music. The second taxi we hailed dropped us off as close as he could get, and we went the rest of the way on foot. 

 I also quickly learned that Cusco is  comprised of rich history and stairs. We climbed up the cobblestone pathways, quickly running out of breath. By the time we got to our hostel, I was unable to tell the receptionist that we wanted to check in, preoccupied with trying to fill my lungs. 

Our hostel was amazing. From the rooftop we could see for miles. People, houses, mountains and monuments, everything was magnificent, saturated with the setting sun. 

I quickly fell in love with Cusco. It may have just been perfect timing, but the food, the music, and the dancing just added to it’s natural beauty.   



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